AMC on Hulu or Hulu Live? What AMC Shows Available?

AMC is a popular online channel known for having a good collection of movies and some original series. It is actually a channel which is purely dedicated for intensive and bold movies. AMC, the channel is owned by AMC Networks and initially it was named as “American Movie Classics”. Although the channel is not available on Hulu Live but you can find and enjoy it on Hulu. Here is something very useful you need to know.

AMC is a single platform for all kind of series and TV shows. The channel is explored already by around 6 million users on Hulu and is known to be a perfect domain for good movies and few original series. One of the best things about AMC network is they have a licensing agreement with Samuel Goldwyn company, Warner Bros Entertainment, paramount pictures as well as with other notable organizations. AMC network is popular because of a lot of reason and one among them is the adult content which is not appropriate for the television and is usually trimmed down from the TV shows and movies. AMC has a broad library of several reality shows and movie content from the popular networks.

Is AMC on Hulu or Hulu Live?

Hulu users can access the entire library of pre-recorded AMC shows without any restriction. There are some shows that are available only and exclusively for the Hulu users in fact. You can begin with a full month free subscription depending on the plan you choose. The $11.99/month is the best one as it comes completely ad-free. However, there is another plan of $7.99/month which includes ads. It’s not the end, they have another plan as well of $39.99/per month which offers you Hulu plus Live TV with many popular live channels but as of now, AMC live is not available. You can choose your plan according to your convenience and enjoy the movies and shows from the AMC library.

The terms and conditions are very transparent to the users. Apart from the plans they do not have hidden charges for installation etc. You are free to change your plan anytime you want. You do not have to own any specific gadget to access the channel on Hulu.  Some of the other benefits which you can enjoy are:

  • The selected pre-recorded AMC library on Hulu can be streamed in the HD mode.
  • The Hulu gives you the option of automatic renewal of your current plans.
  • Along with AMC there are shows from more than 100 on-demand channels that can be enjoyed.
  • The services can be extended to the Live TV shows which cost $39.99 (Hulu with Live TV).
  • More than 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage and you can record live TV with some specific plans. Many more addons could be added to make Hulu a perfect online TV substitute.

Popular AMC Shows on Hulu

There are a lot of AMC network shows available on Hulu and they can be accessed anytime the users want. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Feed the Beast
  • The Killing
  • Preacher
  • Lodge 49
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • Feed the Beast
  • Dietland
  • The Son
  • Fear the Walking Dead en Español

These shows are watched by a lot of viewers on Hulu. You can watch them anytime you want and there is no strict upper limit on anything. Although you can explore the above content reliably, it’s worth mentioning here once again that AMC is not available on Hulu live but it is available only on Hulu. It’s good to keep it in your mind.


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