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Isn’t it crazy how something that originated in Japan has amassed such a cyclopean fan base across the planet? Yes, anime is just THAT good! Merely thinking of the excitement. Today, we’re lucky to have top-notch anime content delivered right to our screens through man’s new best friend, the Internet. Sure, you can download anime shows using torrents. However, it eats up more data and time. The web is always brimming with a horde of anime streaming sites and not all of them are reliable. We totally understand how painful it is to sit and weed out the good ones.

So if you’re a hardcore anime buff on the lookout for the best quality anime websites currently available, you’ve reached your destination. P.S. – if you haven’t started watching anime online yet, what are you waiting for? Without further ado, we present to you, the top free anime websites to watch anime online on the basis of our personal testing

Free Anime  Websites To Watch Anime Online Series

1. KissAnime.ru

kissanime website

Though not a legal service, KissAnime boasts of massive popularity. It offers not only a gigantic anime show catalog but also has a great selection of anime movies, manga, and Asian drama. In fact, if you’re an avid manga reader, you could even check out their sister-site called KissManga. The most exciting part of this anime website is that it is absolutely free to stream as well as download (select titles) the anime series. You get to stream up to 1080p resolution with very few ads. However, the video quality may go bad in case of low internet speeds.

Also, for a completely ad-free experience and faster download speeds, KissAnime runs a program involving “K-points” against which you can avail certain premium features. These K-points can be purchased via Paypal on either a monthly, half-yearly, or annual basis. If you’re not too worried about how legit a service is so long as you get a fast and quality access to content, KissAnime is a must-try to watch anime online.

2. 9Anime.ru

9anime working

9Anime is perhaps the only free anime streaming sites to watch anime online with ensuring minimal ads, in the true sense. Though the site functions on a similar model as KissAnime, the interface is a lot more user-friendly in our opinion. Furthermore, it has a much superior in-built player with videos mostly shown in HD. The homepage has a plethora of categories to browse titles. These categories include Genre, Newest, Last Update, Types, Most Watched, Upcoming, and Scheduled.

There’s also a tab called “Request” which you can click to request a particular title if you can’t find it on the site. What’s more? If you find it hard to keep up with subbed episodes, 9Anime offers quite a few titles dubbed in English for easy comprehension. And guess what? You can even download some of the titles, rather, a majority of the titles

3. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll screenshot

If you’re looking for that one awesome free anime site with premium features for all your anime-consumption, this is it. Crunchyroll, has one of the most massive anime catalogs there is. As of today, it has 1000+ titles including anime series, manga, and even some popular Asian dramas. You can browse these titles as per categories like Shows, Manga, and News. Crunchyroll even has a forum where anime fans conduct polls and talk about their favorite content.

Two most important points to remember about this service are – 1. Crunchyroll is mainly a free & paid anime streaming service with Premium subscription priced at $6.95/month, offering an ad-free experience in High Definition quality, along with the latest simulcasts from Japan, and access to unlimited anime & manga titles. 2. It is best for those who prefer subbed content overdubbed.

4. Animelab

Animelab screenshot

Created and operated by the Madman Entertainment company in Australia, Animelab offers a huge collection of anime series and the latest simulcasts, straight from Japan. It features over 260 titles containing more than 6,000 episodes which you can watch online. What stood out for us its simplicity and easy discovery tools, thanks to a well-curated set of categories/filters. You get to stream in as much as up to 720p on a wide array of devices including iOS, Android, Chromecast, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, etc. As with most legal anime streaming sites, Animelab too has a premium subscription priced at 6.95 AUD per month which is about 9 USD.

This anime website is best suited if you live in either Australia or New Zealand. For everyone else, it may not be worth the subscription because overall, Crunchyroll has a much bigger library obviously because it’s been around for a much longer period. That said, Animelab’s UI is said to be exceptional, plus the service has picked up the pace in terms of adding more content on a regular basis.

5. Viewster

viewster anime website

Watch anime online on a tight budget and forget about legality? Well, Viewster is quite a decent free anime website that is totally free and is accessible from quite a few countries including the United States, of course. However, it is important to note that the content availability may differ from one region to another due to distributing restrictions. That said, the U.S. site has the most number of titles available so in case you live elsewhere, we’d suggest that you access the U.S. site by means of a USA proxy.

It has approximately 12,000 titles ranging from TV series, anime shows to movies to Korean drama to comedy specials to indie films to documentaries. Though it does not have as vast device support as the other two services mentioned above, you can access Viewster app through iOS and Android devices, select Smart TVs, and Xbox 360 console.

6. Because.moe

This service is quite different from all the others on the list, in that it does not have its own content library or a streaming player. Rather, it functions as a platform that pulls up links to various streaming sources upon entering the title that you desire to watch, in the search bar. This is great because oftentimes, you may find that a certain show is available on one service but not the other one.

Subscribing to multiple services may quickly burn a hole in your pocket, not to mention how tedious and time-consuming the process is of browsing through several anime sites. The homepage displays thumbnails of the popular anime series in order to make it easier for you to pick a title. Worried about pesky ads being shown on the site? With Because.moe, there’s no such problem! Search and watch anime online, the best part? It’s legal!

7. Gogoanime.io


Another free anime website worth a mention, GoGoAnime has an extremely cute, yet neat, overall look and design. What we truly appreciate is that they’ve taken a lot of time and effort in providing a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, in spite of being a free service. The interface is super easy to use with navigation tabs such as Anime List, New Season, Movies, and Popular; you can use these to pick a title if you’re usually as confused as us. As you move down to the bottom of the main page, you’ll notice categories like Recent Releases, Popular Ongoing Updates, and Recently Added Series.

The video quality is above average and may fluctuate depending on your internet connection. Similar to KissAnime, GoGoAnime is also not a legal service so we’d advise you to try and avoid registering an account since it could serve as a conduit for potential threats.

8. TubiTV

tubi tv anime content

With over 7,439 titles, TubiTV has emerged as one of the fastest growing ad-supported streaming app and web portals. The service is owned by Adrise and was kicked off as a means to boost publicity for their content partners, including Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lionsgate, and at least ten others. Looking at these names you might have already guessed that TubiTV offers streaming of popular movies as well as TV shows. To boot, its obviously on this list because they also feature a few anime titles and add more titles on a weekly basis. That said, anime is not really the main focus of the service so check it out only if you’re someone who likes a healthy mix of content under one roof.

The high point of Tubi TV is that it is absolutely free of cost while being 100% legit. Currently, it is supported by Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast, Tivo, iOS, and Android devices. Ultimately, TubiTV is backed by an incredibly smooth and snappy interface that you’d surely fall in love with.

9. AnimeSeason.com

anime season

Though not as awesome the previous three services, AnimeSeason surely deserves a spot on this list of free anime websites. Why do you ask? Well, because it has always been reliable in terms of availability/performance and consistent in terms of staying up-to-date. The design and interface may not appeal to you due to small and dull fonts. However, AnimeSeason shines in the anime collection arena.

You’ll find plenty of must-watch titles such as Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Sword Art Online, re-creators, and Alice to Zouroku. These can be streamed at pretty high resolution. Our main complaint with this anime site is that it contains a lot of ads and that could spoil your overall UX.

10. FunimationNow


Founded by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Funimation Now is relatively a newer entrant in the online anime streaming scene. The service mainly features classic anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Yu Yu Hakusho. What’s awesome is that shortly after being launched, the company signed a mutual partnership with Crunchyroll as per which it will feature a few latest titles that are on Crunchyroll, albeit, dubbed. This means a much bigger catalog to choose from! The platform also gives access to some latest simulcasts and has an e-commerce store which sells accessories; quite similar to Crunchyroll.

You can either subscribe to the premium membership priced at $5.99 a month (includes unlimited streaming in HD sans ads) or check out their limited free content library in a lower resolution, interrupted by ads. FUNimation now is best if you’re an anime novice and prefer the content to be dubbed in English.

Winding Up

We really hope that you finally find your go-to anime streaming site on this list. The list includes both, paid and free anime websites to watch anime online. So pick one that suits your watching requirements as well as your budget. In case any site is blocked where you live, you can always check out another one that works. If we’ve forgotten to mention any site that you love, please let us know! Happy streaming!


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