How Much Does Netflix Cost (August Updates)

NETFLIX is no longer an unfamiliar entertainment solution to anyone in any part of the world. It has entered thousands of households in more than 190 countries and still counting. NETFLIX offers almost a similar collection of flicks and shows in different regions but the burden on one’s pocket to pay the subscription charge is not similar everywhere.

With the significant expansion in its services, the streaming giant seems to be conquering the whole globe with its best services and reasonable subscription charges. The member count has exceeded the 70 million mark. In the US and few European countries, the subscription charges are higher than the rest of the regions receiving the NETFLIX access. Let’s make this whole scenario clear, check how much does Netflix cost in your region. All the price & plan are listed below. With Netflix, don’t forget to check Hulu & Hulu Live TV Plan & Pricing as both of them compete with each other.

How Does Netflix Cost In Your Country

As the different region may have different Netflix cost, VodTV has managed to collect the Netflix cost in major regions of the world.

Cost of Netflix In The USA    

Netflix US Price & Plan

NETFLIX has spiked its prices constantly in the US for many years. Its video library is giant and hence people usually don’t have a second thought paying a standard monthly subscription price. NETFLIX offers three subscription plans – Basic, Standard, and Premium.

1. Basic Plan

The monthly subscription charge for this plan is $8.99. A subscriber can watch unlimited flicks and shows on his laptop, computer or tablet, but one device at a time, for a month. Like all the other plans, this plan too has a free trial. The plan doesn’t give you the HD access.

2. Standard Plan

This plan will cost you$12.99. The additional $2 will let you access the HD shows and flicks on a maximum of 2 devices at a time. Rest of the features are the same as the basic plan. The benefits you paying an extra $2 totally worth it. You can cancel your movie or show on demand anytime you want.

3. Premium Plan

This is the costliest plan NETFLIX has for you. This plan costs you $15.99. An additional $4 will completely change your entertainment experience. Once subscribed to the service under this plan, it’s hard to return back to the normal subscription plan. It gives you an Ultra HD and 4 device access at a time. You can enjoy a whale of a time with your NETFLIX squad on weekends.

Netflix Price & Plan In UK

Uk netflix Price

1. Basic Plan

In the UK, the subscription charges are a bit higher. For a basic monthly plan, you will have to pay £5.99. The contents and services will remain almost the same. You will get basic access to the NETFLIX unlimited contents on a single device choosing this plan.

2. Standard Plan

The standard subscription cost for one month in the UK is £7.99. This will offer you HD access on two devices. This plan is chosen by a huge spectrum of NETFLIX lovers in the UK.

3. Premium Plan

The premium plan will cost you £9.99. You get an Ultra HD access along with the flexibility to access the contents on four devices at real-time.

Netflix Price & Plan In Australia

NETFLIX entered the Australian households in 2015. Before this, a significant number of 200,000 Australian NETFLIX junkies were using the service using the VPN. The official commencement of the service in Australia provided great relief to the local NETFLIX lovers. There are three subscription plans available in Australia.

1. Basic

It will cost you A$9.99 a month. You will get normal access to the NETFLIX contents on a single device.

2. Standard

This plan costs A$13.99 a month. An HD and two-device access is the additional feature for the extra A$2 you pay for this.

3. Premium

This plan costs you A$17.99. You will get a four-device and Ultra HD access as the add-ons with this plan. In comparison to the US price tiers, you pay $1.49 less in Australia for a limited content collection and service.

Cost of Netflix in Canada

Canada Netflix Cost

1. Basic

The basic NETFLIX subscription price for one month in Canada is $9.99, which is the same as in the US. You get a single device and ordinary quality access. An unlimited content list and flexible cancellation options are available with this plan.

2. Standard

The monthly standard subscription price for one month in Canada is $13.99. Basically, the subscription NETFLIX charges under different plans in Canada and the US are the same. You get a two-device and HD access under this plan.

3. Premium

This plan costs you $16.99 a month. You get an Ultra HD and 4-device access for a month.

Ending With

NETFLIX offers around 6382 titles to the US subscribers whereas this number varies with the region; Australian subscribers just get around 1594 titles as it’s been a couple of years only NETFLIX entered the Australian households. The hike in subscription charges is also not equal for all the regions.

NETFLIX considers a lot of factors before setting its subscription price of hike bars. No matter what’s your region, if you got the NETFLIX access, every penny you spend on its subscription is worth its amazing video library.


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