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once a business has been launched, it is not just about what you offer but how happy you make to those who you offer. As Damon Richards said, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. It isn’t any different for online services. In fact, if you’re selling intangible goods such as subscription-based streaming services, customer service assumes the ascendant priority.

The good news is that Hulu puts a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction. I’ve been a Hulu subscriber since what feels like eons and I’ve experienced their amelioration in customer service throughout my subscription period. Statistics suggest that Hulu saw 50% of its subscribers leaving the platform last year. Ever since then, the company has been putting a tremendous amount of efforts as well as money to stay ahead of the game.

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They have expanded the customer service team while also hiring more executives for other business arenas. Moreover, they have broadened the content catalogue and Hulu has also introduced new services such as Hulu Live TV Channels Streaming. Fortunately, this has helped Hulu to reduce the rate of membership defection.

How to Reach Out to Hulu Support?

If you’re a Hulu subscriber wanting to know the different ways in which you could contact them, we’ve got your back!

1. Direct Live Chat

The Hulu direct live chat feature is akin to an instant chat messenger, enabling users to type in their queries or gripes directly to a customer service agent and be responded to forthwith. These chat forums are probably the fastest way of getting an issue addressed owing to the ‘live’ element and executives are notified immediately.

All you have to do is enter your full name and email address in the chat window and get started. Pretty convenient, eh?

Launch Chat

2. Phone Call (Hulu Phone Number)

Despite all the convenient options, there are still some who’re skeptical about non-verbal communication. They simply prefer to dial customer service and speak to them firsthand since it just feels more human. Hulu’s customer service over the telephone is quite good too.

Leaving aside the wait-time due to IVR, you can convey your grievances in detail and the executive will help you right then. Sometimes when the issue is too big, it’s difficult to type it out via chat. A telephonic conversation works better in such cases. Here’s the Hulu contact number for your reference:

Hulu Phone Number: 310-571-4700

3. Community

 The Hulu community is very useful when it comes to providing feedback, ratings, ideas, content requests, etc. For example, subscribers can share their point of view regarding a movie or a TV show or let Hulu know if they can do something to improve the platform.

You can even post a query on the community. Fellow users may notice it and provide a solution. This not only aids users to solve a problem or have their expectations met but also makes Hulu a better platform. Here’s the link for your reference: 

Check Hulu Community

4. Social Media

As you might already be aware, social media holds a lot of power. Luckily, Hulu is present across a couple of social media platforms. Social media brings fellow Hulu users under one roof. Not only can you post your feedback or grievance on their page but also help other users with their issues or let them know about a particular service.

Moreover, Hulu posts blurbs regarding their latest services and upcoming shows. You can follow Hulu’s social media support pages using these links:

 Facebook  | Twitter

Is Hulu Customer Service Is good?

In my own experience, I’ve found Hulu’s customer service to be efficient. And let me tell you, I’m one bemoaning customer who bombards the staff with complaints and questions frequently, across mediums. They’ve always addressed and solved queries expeditiously. Part of why they’re so quick is due to the cut-throat competition that exists in the media streaming market.

Hold-ups are the last thing you want when you’re high and dry betwixt a perplexing issue. Hulu’s horde of customer service mediums ensures a prompt redress thereby retaining existing subscribers while appealing to new ones.



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