Investigation Discovery Network on Hulu & Hulu live

Investigation Discovery is a popular American TV network which was launched in 1996. Discovery, Inc owns this network and it basically telecasts shows which deal with true crime incidents. Mostly the incidents are pretty much dastardly, like Homicides, kidnappings, domestic violence, sexual assault, arsons, disappearance, etc. The channel was formerly known as a name of Discovery Civilization Network- the world history and geography channel. In 1994 the channel was known as ‘Time Traveler’. By the year 2002, the channel had already become one of the most popular channels amongst the American household by having 14 million loyal viewers. During 2003, they changed the name of the channel to Discovery times and featured American cultural TV shows. In the year 2008, the channel was renamed as ‘Investigation discovery’.

Why is Investigation Discovery Popular?

Crime shows are immensely popular across the globe, especially the shows based on real-life incidents. Investigation discovery is one amongst those channels which entirely runs crime based shows, inspired by true stories. In the year 2016, the company has made another progression by launching a website called investigation discovery in addition to the TV network. Cory Mitchell, David Lohr, and Gary. C. King are the writers for the website.

The network’s most of the contents are produced by them. Sometimes they run re-titled shows of other networks such 48 hours from CBS, 20/20 from ABC, Dateline from NBC, etc. The first mini-series that ID aired was a thriller called Angel of Decay which was based on Ted Bundy(a serial killer). Another thriller called ‘The Chameleon’ grabbed the attention of the audience, it was based on the crimes of Stephen Morin (an American serial killer). ‘The headhunter’ is another popular thriller produced by the network.

Investigation Discovery on Hulu

ID available on Hulu

‘Hulu’ needs no introduction!  A phantasmagoric platform for all your entertainment needs. If you are someone who’s looking for a platform to watch various shows from numerous channels then you must subscribe to Hulu. If you are someone who likes to watch the true crime stories, thrillers then ‘Investigation discovery’ is there to fulfill this desire of yours. Yes, the network ‘Investigation Discovery’ is available on Hulu. You can binge watch all the pre-recorded shows of ‘Investigation discovery’ on Hulu. Below, we have listed the super hit shows of ‘Investigation Discovery’ network:

Investigation Discovery Shows on Hulu

  • Homicide Hunter
  • Evil talks: chilling
  • Disappeared
  • Casey Anthony: An American
  • Nightmare next-door
  • Deadly women
  • Jodi Arias: An American
  • Obsession: dark desires
  • A crime to remember
  • Wives with knives
  • Scott Peterson: An American

Hulu is accessible from multiple devices and the platform is available in various countries across the world. They have two plans to choose from- the basic plan comes with a one month free trial period. This plan is ad-supported and charges you $5.99 per month after your trial period is over.

For uninterrupted streaming, you may opt for the Ad-free plan which charges you $11.99 per month and also gives you a one mother trial period like the previous one.  You can switch your plan anytime according to your own convenience.

Investigation Discovery on Hulu Live

Now you can binge watch your favorite shows live on Hulu live. Hulu live is a kind of live TV which features live TV shows. The network ‘Investigation discovery’ is available on Hulu live as well. Watch the live telecasts of your favorite crimes shows of ‘Investigation discovery’ on Hulu live. You can subscribe to Hulu live to enjoy their ad-free live services. The plan for Hulu live charges you $44.99 per month and also offers you a free trial period of 7 days. You can cancel your plan according to your convenience. This package with extra add-ons allows you to record Live TV with 50 hours of cloud storage.

The network ‘Investigation discovery’ is a popular network from the house of Discovery, thus it is obvious that the shows are pretty rich and good. The network has immense popularity and loyal fanbase all over the world. Subscribe to Hulu or Hulu live and start watching!


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