SlingTV Channels List: (Sling $25 & $40 Channels)

The cost of SlingTV channels has many regret their decision of opting for Cable TV over Internet TV. The cable bill has become very expensive in the United States. It often becomes a question of affordability by many. As a matter of fact, Cable TV charges a bundle of money with limited choices for the viewers to watch. Sling Live TV and  Hulu TV has been a remarkable option for the viewers as they provide cord cutter services to the spectators in turn of a feasible subscription fee. Access to multiple channels according to your own preferences and choice.

Sling TV and Hulu TV both have different aspects and different services for the viewers. In Sling TV you can add as many Sling channels as you want according to your preferences and choice. Whereas on the other hand, Hulu TV only provides online services with specified Hulu channels and packages including some featured TV series and some featured movies. In contrary to Hulu, SlingTV channels list is quite long. Here we are going to list complete SlingTV channels List that you can choose while creating a package for yourself.

List of All Sling Channels & Networks Available

$20 SlingTV Orange
Cartoon NetworkComedy Central
Disney ChannelHistory
Food NetworksTNT
BBC AmericaTBS
IFCFree Form
AXSTVTravel Channel
Cheddar BusinessNewsy
Local NowBloomberg
FuseCheddar News
Epix Drive-inMotorTrend
Acc EspnInvestigation Discovery
$25 SlingTV Blue
HGTVComedy Central
IFCFood Network
BBC America
Travel ChannelInvestigation Discovery
CNEpix Drive-In
NewsyBlomberg Televsion
Cheddar BusinessCheddar Television
ShorlistLocal Now
Fox SportsNBC Sports
FXNFL Network
USANick Jr
National GeographicNat Geo Wild
$40 Sling TV Channels
Cartoon NetworkComedy Central
Disney ChannelHistory
Food NetworksTNT
BBC AmericaTBS
IFCFree Form
AXSTVTravel Channel
FXNFL Networks
Fox Sports 2Fox Sports 1
FXXNBC sports Network
Nick Jr.SYFY
National GeographicNat Geo Wild
Local NowBloomberg
Cheddar BusinessNewsy
Cheddar NewsMotor Trend
Epix Drive-In


ESPN channel service is provided in the SlingTV channels catalog under the orange package subscription. It is not available on the Sling blue package. They provide live coverage of any sports on Sling TV. Apart from just a sports channel on Sling TV, they also provide exclusive games on this paid TV like College Football, College Basketball, Monday Night football, and many other popular sports game.

This paid TV provides over 65 different sports to the viewers to watch online. On the other hand, Hulu with Live TV channels comes for $40 including ESPN but the package rate is higher than Sling TV. 

2. AMC

SlingTV channels subscribers can watch AMC under the orange package of $25 per month. They provide AMC TV series like ‘Walking Dead’, ‘Mad Men’, and ‘Better Call Saul’. Whereas on the other hand, Hulu TV also provides AMC under one package by providing shows like ‘Preacher’, ‘Walking Dead’, and ‘Feed the Beast’.

You can view the AMC Channel for half the price on Sling TV than on Hulu TV, as Hulu TV charges you $40 for this package. But Hulu will only show the old episodes of ‘Walking Dead’, they stopped showing the new episodes.

3. Comedy Central

Comedy Central channel comes under the multi-stream core packages on SlingTV Channels list. This channel comes with both the packages of orange and blue on the Sling TV for only $20. This paid TV provides programs on Comedy Central are ‘Steve Harvey’, ‘South Park’, ‘Below Deck’, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, ’The Daily Show’, and other popular shows of Comedy Central. On the other hand, the popular program ‘The Daily Show’ is not aired on Hulu TV.

4. TNT

TNT channel is provided under the same package of $25 on Sling TV. Sling TV provides TNT channels with great programs which are hard to beat by any online TV, they offer high-quality TNT live stream for the viewers. On the other hand, Hulu TV provides TNT channel for $40 which is quite expensive compared to the Sling TV.

They provide programs on TNT like ‘Rizzoli & Isles’, ‘The Last Ship’, ‘SouthLand’, ‘The Librarians’, and other popular shows.

5. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is popular TV channels for kids all across India. Sling TV provides top kids show on Cartoon Network which can be accessed from anywhere at any time under the same subscription package of $20. They provide classic cartoons, fun-live action shows, and original animated series which you won’t find anywhere else. Whereas Hulu only provides 90’s kids shows to the viewers and with no new programs like Sling TV. The amazing channel to watch ongoing anime series and cartoons.

6. Food Network

Food Network is an American based channel provides a cooking program shows on television. But now Food Network is available on Sling TV with high-quality video streaming. They offer programs like cooking shows and reality programs for food lovers and culinary geniuses.

On the other hand, Hulu TV also has joined services with Food Network with a variety of food programs and shows at a higher price, unlike Sling TV.

7. CNN

CNN is a Live News channel which is now available with high-quality of video streaming on Sling TV. It comes with the same subscription package of $25 for the online viewers. It is available on the subscription packages of orange and blue. Hulu TV also provides CNN live News programs along with other popular shows for the viewers but again at a higher rate.


SYFY is a science fiction entertainment channel and it provides programs with original series like ‘The Expanse’, ‘The Magicians’, and ’12 Monkeys’. SYFY all shows and programs are now available on Sling TV with high-quality video streaming. On the other hand, Hulu has a SYFY channel but with a default that if you click on the channel it will show you ‘Currently Unavailable’ sometimes.

9. Bravo

Bravo is a popular lifestyle and entertainment brand name which provides programs and shows related to fashion, lifestyle, new trend and culture, beauty, and other premier shows related to lifestyle and entertainment. This channel is available on Sling TV under the Sling blue package. It gives you full access to the programs on Sling TV. You can easily watch this channel simultaneously with other shows on Sling TV.

Hulu TV also has ample of Bravo content shows for the viewers but with limited access to all episodes and seasons. There are few shows on Hulu which are unavailable for the viewers to watch.

10. NFL Network

NFL Network is a sports channel with provides day to day sports program. It is now available on SlingTV Channels catalog with live streaming of the games. They show exclusive shows like NFL GameDay Morning, Thursday Night Football games, Good Morning Football for the viewers to watch online.

 Ending With

On a whole, we can say that Sling TV is much more flexible than Hulu as it provides a wide range of channels with unlimited access to programs and shows compared to Hulu TV. Selection of package with customizable options also acts as a positive aspect on Sling TV’s side. If you can’t shed this much of amount on TV then Internet TV websites are the best pick for you. Connect to the network and play popular free channels.


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