How Is Snagfilms? A Complete Introduction

Indie Films and Documentaries entail a limited release. This means that a lot of people who’re interested in such content, don’t get the chance to watch it on the big screen. In case you’re unfamiliar, Independent movies are those with a small budget made independently of major movie productions, but with the potential to challenge big-banner movies. Think “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “The Blair Witch Project”, and more recently, “The Lost City of Z”.

While the number of cord-cutters is on the rise, the number of online streaming services are steadily increasing too. Most of these services strive to offer A-Z content under one roof, ultimately leading to market saturation. However, a few companies have made an effort to create a niche; Snagfilms is one of them.

Getting Acquainted

Snagfilms features exemplary documentaries and popular Indie films that can be streamed for free. The platform also encourages novice filmmakers to submit documentaries and expand their reach. Although Snagfilms was first introduced in 2008 by Ted Leonsis, it took a few years for them to gain ground in the realm of online streaming.

However, there’s a catch to the service. The content is frequently interrupted by short commercials but as they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

Type of Content

Snagfilms Content online

As stated above, Snagfilms enables users to watch independent films, foreign movies, classics, and documentaries. A lot of this stuff is mind blowing, rare to find, but marginalized by other services.

These movies and shows span across a wide array of genres such as Sports, Comedy, Human Rights, Politics, Military, and Climate Change.

Currently, Snagfilms has about 5000 movies titles in it’s library with more and more being added regularly.

Some of the best movies on the platform include “We’re Not Broke”, “Nanking”, “Out in the Silence”, and “Lost for Life”. If you’re more interested in watching documentaries/shows, check out “Little Horribles”, “Hard Time”, “Drugs Inc.”, and “The Celts”, amongst others. Under documentaries, you’ll find that many titles have been sourced from networks such as National Geographic, so that’s a huge plus.

To make it easy for users, Snagfilms has carefully sort the titles under various categories such as “Award Winning”, “Korean Drama”, “Kids & Family”, “African Movies”, etc. Unlike many other free services, Snagfilms’ interface is awesome enough to recommend movies and documentaries based on your browsing history. What’s more? Most of the content is available in either 720p or 1080p!

Supported Platforms

Snagfilms can be accessed from literally any device. You can watch the content on either a browser or their app using iOS or Android devices, Windows 8 PC/laptop, Mac OS, select Smart TVs, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Kindle. Unfortunately, not all the titles are available on all the devices.

 Snagfilms Site | App

You can use these links to download the Snagfilms app on either an iOS or an Android device. Also, visit their online web platform to get a good insight of their service.

Visit Site | Android | iOS

Once you’ve downloaded the app or are on their web page, simply create an account via your Twitter, Facebook or Google account. You can watch content without registering yourself but we’d recommend you to do it if you wish to have a more personalized experience. Once you’ve logged in, you can even create a queue to avoid the entire process of browsing on your next visit.

The High-Points

Snagfilms have more pros than cons and that is rare for a free service. Let’s take a look at a few its advantages:

  • Great collection of movies and documentaries which you wouldn’t find elsewhere.
  • Supports independent filmmakers by sharing a certain ratio of the revenue earned through advertisements.
  • A platform for users to communicate with the curators directly. This helps in meeting market demands, thereby becoming the audience’s favorite.
  • Most of the content is available in HD across a wide range of devices.

The Low-Points

Despite having a slew of benefits that outstrip the negatives, we think it’s important for you to know them:

  • When trying to fast-forward a show or a movie, it may display an error. However, this is mostly due to a slow internet connection.
  • We’ve experienced a fair bit of buffering issues when watching movies in HD, but this is rare.
  • Lack of parental controls.


Last year, Snagfilms raised approximately $8 million for ViewLift to develop apps for more platforms and devices. More, the merrier!

Our Verdict

Leaving aside a few bugs, Snagfilms has done a wonderful job at providing free content that appeals to a very specific segment of the audience. In our experience, using the web platform as well as the app across a bunch of devices was quite easy.

Moreover, Snagfilm’s content quality is superlative compared to its peers since they avoid adding fillers. So if you enjoy old classics, indie movies, and documentaries, you should definitely start using it.


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