Legal Ways To Watch Game of Thrones Online

Few literary adaptions have earned wings the way Game of Thrones has. Such is the popularity of the show that even anchorites are plugged in on the plot. In case you’re an ardent devotee of the legendary show that is Game of Thrones and are wondering how to watch it online, stay tuned.

With all the buzz going around about the upcoming Game of Thrones season (season 8), fans across the globe are looking for ways to binge watch previous seasons online just to refresh their memories. Other are perhaps wondering where to watch the newest season, other than on TV.

In this era of cord-cutting, relying solely on the traditional method of watching a new episode on cable TV is a bit impractical. Cable TV comes with a strict programming schedule, zero flexibility, and a hefty price tag. Even though there aren’t a multitude of legal online sources for streaming Game of Thrones, we’ve congregated a list of the ones currently available

How To Watch Game of Thrones Online Legally

1. HBO GO/ HBO Now

GOT is HBO’s exclusive series and you can watch Game of Throne on HBO. Ever since digitalization has taken over, big TV networks are taking efforts to bring their content online, as a reply to on-demand streaming services. HBO churned out not one, but two such services – HBO GO and HBO Now, catering to different audiences. The twin services enable users to watch all the shows featured on HBO.

While both the services offer the same content across an equally wide range of devices, there’s one big difference – pricing. HBO GO is limited to cable/satellite TV subscribers with HBO added to their package, hence, it’s available for free. Whereas those who only prefer online streaming or haven’t added HBO to their cable TV bundle can subscribe to HBO Now for just $15 a month. The UI and UX are beyond amazing!

 2. Hotstar

Watch Game of Thrones Online on Hotstar. Although Hotstar is owned by Star India, people living abroad can also get a taste of this well-designed streaming service. Despite its ownership, Hotstar landed a deal with HBO that allows them to host series originally produced and telecasted by HBO. At approximately $3/month, users can watch hit Bollywood movies, sports, news highlights, highly-rated Indian TV shows, a few good English movies, and great quality English TV shows, all mostly in HD (unless you’re hooked onto a slow internet connection).

For the price charged, we think this is an absolute steal! If you’re not only a fan of GOT but also Indian shows and movies, this is the service you want to subscribe to.

 3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video came as a massive blow to its adversary, Netflix. Similar to its rivals, Prime Video has obtained exclusive deals with a bunch of TV/movie channels and production companies including HBO. Although Prime video was introduced as part of the Amazon Prime Membership, you can simply go for the ‘Prime Video’ plan, independent of the Prime plan.

The Prime Video plan is priced at just $8.99 a month while the Prime plan costs $10.99 per month ($99.99 for a year – discounted price). Prime Video lets you watch movies and TV shows in HD, HDR, and Ultra HD (selected titles) whereas the Prime plan not only includes Prime Video but also other benefits such as free two-day shipping, unlimited music streaming, unlimited reading across devices, and free photo storage

4. Sling – A La Carte’ TV

Branded as the ‘A La Carte’ TV, Sling TV is a U.S. only company that serves as an even-steven between live TV and on-demand videos. The service offers two plans, namely – Sling Orange and Sling Blue, priced at $20 and $25 per month respectively. Under the Sling Orange plan, one can stream unlimited content from 20 channels, on a single screen at a time. On the other hand, Sling Blue offers a great spread of 25 channels as well as simultaneous streaming on multiple screens.

However, HBO comes is available as an add-on for $15 a month and is not part of either of the plans. So if you wish to cut the cord and switch to online streaming completely, Sling TV Channels are worth for your every single penny.  But if you only want to watch Game of Thrones or HBO-produced content, this service may not offer enough value.

5. iTunes

iTunes functions a bit differently. Unlike other services, iTunes does not offer a monthly subscription for unlimited content. Instead, apple users can purchase a single episode or an entire season of Game of Thrones, separately. While this works great for those who’re looking to watch a particular episode or season, it’s not suitable for fans who wish to binge watch all the seasons.

Though the pricing varies from country to country, one episode may cost around $4 in the U.S. and an entire season may cost anywhere between $15 to $25, depending upon the season. If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem or use Apple TV, this is a great solution to your streaming needs. That said, you get a lot more value for your money on the services listed above.

6. Netflix

Netflix, the king of all streaming services also offers Game of Thrones on its platform, albeit a bit differently. If you’re an existing subscriber of Netflix in the U.S., you could rent out DVDs season 1-4 of GOT for as low as $8 for a limited period of time. Note that season 5 and 6 aren’t available even for renting. Also, there’s almost zero possibility of seeing the upcoming season of GOT on Netflix given the rivalry between HBO and Netflix.

7. DirecTV

Similar to Sling TV, DirecTV also enables users to enjoy live TV streaming as a great alternative to cable TV. Their base plan is priced at $35/month and offers content from roughly 60 channels. The other three plans are priced at $50, $60, and $70 per month with additional TV channels included in the package. However, none of these plans include HBO.

HBO has to be added separately by paying an extra cost. DirecTV is ideal for regular TV watchers who prefer live TV over on-demand streaming services. Unfortunately, if you opt for the top-most plan, the total cost per month looks akin to a cable TV bill. That said, it is still better than cable or satellite TV by virtue of the flexibility offered.

The Bottom Line

What you choose depends completely on your preferences. If you’re looking to hack away at your cable TV subscription any time soon, DirecTV or Sling TV is the way to go so that you can enjoy live TV along with video-on-demand.

In case you only want to watch Game of Thrones or series produced/co-produced by HBO, HBO Now/HBO GO is your best bet.

If you appreciate additional content from various TV networks, high-quality originals, and well-received movies, you can go for Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar. You could even subscribe to multiple streaming services and still keep your expenses in check.


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